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Vile But Divine || kingmycroft 



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{ like this post for a short late-night thing <3 }

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Conflict of Interest || watsunjohn 

—“Freya, I thought you said he was going to be
     here at noon… yes, well we have that planning
     meeting this evening with the buyers in Japan,
     and we cannot miss it, security detail be damned.
     Yes, I’ll wait a bit longer, of course. I know we
     have time, but I was hoping to get some other
     work done before then… just send him right in
     when he gets here.”

          Sherlock hung up the phone then with a sigh, slender hands immediately moving to massage his forehead for a moment. He still wasn’t entirely awake. Or entirely over the previous night’s hangover, to be honest; he hadn’t had that much to drink in years, and he was beginning to remember why. Not that he hadn’t enjoyed himself, of course. Thank god he was good with a makeup brush, or he would have to wear a scarf to cover the evidence that remained above the collar. It had just been a while since he had been quite so indulgent in casual matters.

          He stood, walking over to one of the work tables in his office to go over a few of the fabric samples he was working with for the next round of designs. Not five minutes later, he heard the door open, assuming it must be the new security guard that was due at noon. He speaks without turning, not yet seeing just who it was.

—”You’re late.

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15 Sep 14 { give me all the southern gothic things } { vampire sherlock is so awake tonight } { gallows too but that's a tina only verse } { so pre-civil war louisiana will have to suffice lol } outofstockings { ugh its also so late there's probably like no one awake } { if anyone is awake tho } { consider this my official declaration that i will do all the southern gothic aus until the end of time }


UK Harper’s Bazaar 2012

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Vanity Fair 2014 Oscar Party

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[SMS » Sherly]: her names sue and she aint much to look at
[SMS » Sherly]: orientels usually aint bad lookin but hell i know how to pick em aparintly

[SMS » Freddie]: Do you need a getaway car then? I’m assuming you’d like to get out of there before she wakes up.

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[SMS » Sherly]: i got so drunk i made the worst decishin of my life
[SMS » Sherly]: im still a little drunk but i can tell this ones a -2/10

[SMS » Freddie]: Christ, what did you do now? 

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