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"Yes I must.  Trust me, I don’t like it any more than you do."  He shook his head. "I love you. Don’t fuck this up for me." With that, he reluctantly went out the door. 

All he really wanted was to curl up in bed with his man, in their flat.  But they were here and he was going to make it work. For Jim, for them, for their life and their survival.  The cash wasn’t half bad either. 

Sherlock waited for a moment, letting the silence hang inthe air before he sighed and acquiesced. “I love you too. Just go, and try not to hate it too much,” he added.

He was no stranger to large houses, but when he was alone here, the place felt overwhelmingly massive. But then again, maybe that was just because he knew he would be the one who had to clean it all. He was still a bit bitter about that one.

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        “Why don’t I believe you? You’re not
            that good a liar, you know?”


—“I’m sorry, did I ask if you
      believed me? Because I
      don’t recall doing so. I’d
      hate to give you the false
      impression that I care what
      you think.”

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                        “We both know that’s true. Why
                         not just admit it, Sherly?”

—“Admit what, that the very sight
      of you makes me physically ill?
      I do have better things to be doing
      right now, you know.”

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             ”Annoy? Please. I’ve most likely
              made your life worth living. No need
              to thank me for that. Feeling is mutual.”

—“Don’t flatter yourself, love.
       I have plenty to make my life
       worth living without having to
       depend on you being around.”

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              “Did I upset you?”

—“No, but you’ve  a n n o y e d  me.”

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—“I, more than anyone, am sensitive
       to the changing of the seasons
       and their impact on the clothing
       one must inevitably choose for
       function over form, but for the
       love of God, they do make jackets
       that are meant to fit someone of your size, Dana.”

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