The name is Sherlock Holmes, and I have an international reputation as the world's only consulting designer. I hold three separate degrees in fashion design, have fourteen years of modeling experience, and have assisted some of the fashion world's best and brightest.

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((Independent RP blog for BBC's Sherlock Holmes, AU version as a model and designer; both mun and muse are of age [18+]; multi-fandom and multi-verse))

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Picture Perfect || M!A: Domesticity [OPEN] 

Sherlock smoothed down the front of the dress slightly, shifting his weight in the heels he wore. His eyes flickered to the clock. There wasn’t enough time. Dinner either wasn’t going to be finished, or it was going to be burned, or something was going to go wrong. 

Surprisingly, cleaning the flat had gone perfectly. Everything was spotless. He was dressed perfectly, and his hair and makeup were flawless. Something had to go wrong. There was no way he would get away with everything being perfect. It was a cosmic impossibility.

That was when he smelled the smoke coming from the oven.

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